10 Points to remember while writing an Essay for CSS Exams

10 Points to remember while writing an Essay for CSS Exams

The essay for CSS exam is a piece of well-planned and prearranged writing. It is normally written on paper in allowed academic writing. In FPSC CSS exam, essay has a noticeable role. This is because the FPSC wants essay type response for all papers and they have reserved a distinct paper for essay. The essay has a key role in determining the aspirants’ fate in FPSC Exam. In this paper on can assume irregular issues. How to pen an essay for FPSC is a regularly haunting query for a CSS aspirant. Here we are sharing the 10 guidelines to keep in mind while writing an Essay for CSS Exams and this will be a answer for your question.

Significant points to make note of while writing essay CSS:

  • Topic Choice

It is vital to select a theme you are more relaxed with, as otherwise, you would run out of thoughts while writing your essay.

  • Brainstorming

Once you have pin down a topic, apply a good 10-20 minutes and note down all the thoughts and opinions that comes to your mind.

  • Arrangement of Concepts

Arrange your thoughts in such a way that their rational reliability is maintained. After arrangement of your opinions, think of a appropriate outline and conclusion.

  • Mentioning Facts and Figures

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Sliding facts and figures in your response will constantly be an optimistic, but do not bluff or make up any figure as that will be a big damaging and can lead to reduced marks.

  • Stick close by subject of the Essay

Don’t go off subject. Stick to the topic. Write down your opinions and concepts.

  • Write briefly

The writing needs to concise and informative for an aspirants to write an essay.

  • Accurate and Actual Representation

Represent your opinions in an exact and actual way. Articulation, actual expression, reason, stream and tempo are vital. Spot-on grammar and style of scripting adds to the overall efficiency of the message which you want to deliver through your essay.

  • Tone of the Essay

Try and preserve a unbiased point of view towards a specific subject and show social concern wherever probable. Do not use challenging lines.

  • Awareness

A candidate must be comprehensive and well verse with his/her overall awareness. As issues come from Current Affairs, you need to have detailed information and related on hot topics in the world.

  • Revision and Proofreading

Revising and proofreading your essay is absolutely vital after you’ve completed your essay.

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