7 fundamental facts about education system in Pakistan

Higher Education System in Pakistan

By: Tanveer Alam

Our system makes us what we are now in real world and international market, all of us looking for a job which can give us 6 or minimum 5 figures every month, but we are hiding our education system ground reality, which never let our brain grow like it has to be.

What I experience and faced by myself I can point out 7 fundamental issues in our Pakistan’s education system.

A Hamster Cage

Basically if I have to define our system in couple of words first things comes up in my mind is a hamster cage, we all are running in predefined path which won’t lead our brain to think out of box, we as student have to sallow that text book material without understating what is the meaning or concept of those topics/chapters.

Those who have good memories or can say in fancy word “Photogenic memory “ will get good scores and others with bad memories will always suffer with bad scores, but in the end both of them will phase same situation in practical world I mean to they have lack of analytical skills that a child/student must have. We have to start thinking from root level.

Missing Personality

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Our students have missing personality instead of that we are clone as sheep mentality without thinking all of us Go with the flow, neither our teachers or parents have ever tried to develop our own identity and thinking personality this basic things should starts from our school, I will quote one question and I am sure not just most but all of you have faced it once in lifetime specially in school.

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“What do you want to become after you grown up?”

And poplar answers were Pilot, Engineer, Doctor

And I can guaranty you 95% of them won’t become what they said that time or want to be. It’s nothing like they were bad students or learner but again our education system never build that personality to understand instead of that we just demand High scores and percentages.

Nothing like Basic Analysis

Our students unable to do any type of analysis about any topic like our culture, history, even though on our religion. All of them just follow what already defined in notes or books, none of them want to discover new realities.

Untrained Teachers

As we all know those teachers hired by schools/colleges are just complete there Intermediate studies or in some cases just Matriculation, they don’t even attend any training to teach kids, we should ask that Question to our self how these teachers are going to proclaim values in our kids so they can take our country future to new place.

To get better and improve future our system and teacher need to be trained also better paid.

    “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”    Albert Einstein

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Which Language we should use

We are still struggling with what language we should use in our education system, our focus is on English but majority of students or children unable to get what they are reading or listening.

My question: If they can’t understand the language so how they can grasp that topic?

Subjects like physics, chemistry, arts and mathematics can be teach in any medium of language, over emphasis on English is not good.

Ancient Study Material

I think we are still living in 19th or 20th century at-least our study materials makes our kids to study same course material what their parents or grandparents studied.

We are afraid to bring new things in our study system or are we illiterate to write some new stuff.

If you take example of Computer Science subject we are still teaching GW-Basic by saying it’s easy to learn and to develop programming skills, but if we see on real world I bet you will never found any use of that instead of that there are many new languages (Python, Java-Script, Ruby) easy to learn and useful in real computer world.

I myself still not able to find reason why we are choosing to live in the past century.

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Missing Creativity

Even the special privileged kids in Pakistan at that point we can see lack of creativity or innovation they are not ready to improve and make new things. Despite the fact that they have everything that a youngster require yet something is missing in them.

We are just injecting western culture in them and killing what we call having the capacity to explore new territory. From one viewpoint some children are not able to go to schools & if we see on other side, even off chance that they are going but not ready to develop or tackle the issues that the nation is confronting.

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