70 years of freedom; Achievements and Failure

70 years of freedom Achieve by Sikander Rind

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is proximate for approaching to its 70th years of impunity. History argues about that the creation of this realm snatched the lives of many people who did tireless fatigues for achieving to a separate and an Islamic state for the future of their posterity.

Intensely, Many statesman plus prestigious leaders were indulged in achievement of their Quaid’s dream where some of them deserve appreciation of their abundant drudgeries, including Mohammad Ali Jinnah (who worked by his prudent to demand a unique state), Allama Iqbal (whose poetry scattered the thrill of Muslim to struggle for a separate state), Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (whose Educational movements wouldn’t be forgotten) while many other people also participated in the accomplishment of this destination . But contemporary situation shows that those leaders were wasted their lives plus fatigues for that the People who (in reality), have an adversary perception for this state. It’s authentic that Pakistan has achieved pomp in this 70 years of independence, but reality avails with failure aspects to overlap on prosperity. How? I would like to highlight merely Seven aspects to prove it that today’s Pakistan was not dream of those leaders who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Pakistan.

Firstly; it was a time when the entire subcontinent was besieged by Britain authorities. They were using subcontinent plus its people for their own purpose which was against of people’s dignity. Intensely, If we guess on the variation between British and our today’s rulers then evidences shows that still we people are living under of servitude, but solely people are changed. Pakistan, in present time, is under of predators who are looting state from its every corner. This shows that still our state is under of slavery which is totally against of its creator’s perception. The founder of Pakistan made it clearly while addressing on the session of Allahabad that, “Pakistan will show that it’s land of democracy which will avail with mob to live under of prosperity, people would get freely their needs from Rulers of this democratic regime, rulers should know that they have to serve for inhabitants of Pakistan. Its my dream and it will be happened”. Great words, instead of Quaid’s thoughts, today his words are just available in documents, but are not applicable in the ecosystem of our country. Now decision is on you that its an achievement or is failure?

Second; Certainly Pakistan is an Islamic state which claims to comply with the laws of what Islamic perspective has decreed. But the people are tired to meet with a secular state today. Where are these symbols of following on what the state is claiming in its name? Factually; we are not living under of an Islamic country, but are complying on western inscriptions which are totally adverse of Islamic perception. From carnage of religious scholars to Islamabad tragedy of Ghazi Rasheed, from banning on Religious institutes to hitting the people for keeping beards plus from our female’s fashion to our male’s fabric, these all argues that we are not living in a country which system runs by external coerce. Inspite of complying with Islamic decrees, our Patron have converted us into western coronations that are demoralizing Islamic teachings. So whether its achievement or failure?

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Third; Foreign policy of any state is played a vital role in its internal or external affairs. It works to bring an ecosystem of prosperity where people of state would remain free from internal turmoils. As this our foreign policy is very far on bringing peace for its state. Due to corrupt leaders we people are not only bogged with ferocity but have confronted various tragedies, How? It indicates on some giants of foreign policy. First, collaboration with America against Taliban has revealed a worse result which is still increasing peril in people who are not sure to back home by safe and sound. Second, playing a double face role in Qatar’s crisis is deteriorated our dignity which is consequence showed that we are like a worse nation in front of Saudi Arabia. Plus it created gaps between of state and her fraternal regimed which would stop Saudi Arabia to avail with us in an abrupt detrimental. Third; our incumbents created an alliance with Russia without concerned of USA. Factually USA has availed our state more than Russia, but miserably time is showing that America is our big enemy right now. Fourth, before some days, Our Defense minister argued that Pakistan will help with Iraq to vanquish ISIS and will avail with it to live freely from extremism. But fact is building negative arguments about this decision. Likewise, ISIS has already kept entire country in under of peril. Now whether these aspects are relating to achievements or indicating towards of a failure state plus destroyed foreign policy?

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Fourth; every state depends upon its economical impetus which avails with her to achieve intra and international recognition. Countries create alliances with other countries for solely increasing the wellbeing of their economical sector and ensure the firm standing of their country as world level. Arguably if we take just CPEC as an instrument for clearing this argument then we get full awareness that where our economical facet plus economical policies are moving. Undoubtedly, China Pakistan Economical Corridor (CPEC), is a game changer accord, but reality shows that China is factually playing with Pakistan. How? It can be answered by these specimens. First, Pakistan has to rebeck China’s 53 billion dollars which is impossible and consequences show that Pakistan will keep their important sector as impawn for this huge money. Second, CPEC projects are just in hands of Punjab where authorities are neglecting Balochistan, which shows inferiority and result will be coming with insurgencies. Third, China prefers to appoint its own people to deal with projects which will work to create a new wave of unemployment in Pakistan. Due to this project China had appointed her infantries to control law and order situation in Gawadar which shows that it is not CPEC, but is second East Indian Company which would bifurcate or colonies Pakistan. Now its your choice to merge it with development or think it as an immense instance of failure.

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Fifth; evidences display that each country has met with development by promoting its Youth. But if we concentrate on the status of Youth in Pakistan then it claims about not to discuss this issue. Here youth are under of disparity where they have no right to freedom of speech, in Pakistan youth have to fortitude when anyone snatch their rights, sorrowfully in Pakistan, youths are handed weapons instead of pen. So whether its an achievement or is a way to make dilute youth like the condition of state. Is it a development or failure?

Sixth; State is impecunious of her inhabitants whose struggle are enough to convert dilute situation of regime into pomposity. As the term “Achievement and Failure“, the inhabitants of Pakistan have spent their 70 years of epoch not in freedom but under of panic. Really? Yeah this instance would be enough to enunciate and prove worth to this claim. Certainly, Pakistan is a democratic country, but besieged by terrorists who are killing not only infantries but also layman. Indeed Pakistan is the dream of Quaid, But corrupt system plus corruption have solely affected on its inhabitants but not influential. Undoubtedly, Iqbal promoted motives of freedom by his poetry, but today the suicide incursion plus target killing are showing that people are not in composure what Iqbal wrote about future of Pakistan’s people. The country which runs under of peril, where no one from infantries to pious, from kids to adults and from Shiite to Sunni aren’t living without panic. So it is development? Or is a horrible instance of failure ship?

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Last but not least ; there are many experts who argues that education is an important aspect which has purpose to furnish any state plus its inhabitant. Undoubtedly, Education can does it, but in those countries which do respect of educators and sphere education. While, Pakistan is revealing a worse image of educational affluence where the literary rate of entire population is around of 50%, which is less than East Pakistan(Bangladesh) and India. Our state is spending just 2 to 4 %of GDP on education and spending 80% on Infantries. So what you say our people will raise weapons or get education to understand that what are their responsibilities to be a chauvinistic? This Argument underlines that state is responsible to this pestilence of worse situation which moved it towards of not development, but arguing about a failure state.

Concluding boastfully that Am a novice of Pakistan, but arguing briefly that my country is running not by prudent but predators. History shows that Pakistan has been created by tireless fatigues, but current phenomena claims that the people don’t remember past’s drudgery. So its liability to persuade this country towards of development which needs the sincerity of authority, which is clamoring for the collaboration of youth, which needs a strong policy, which also claims that CPEC should be beneficial for all provinces, it needs  to spend third part of GDP on education rather than arsenal. For complying with these perspectives, its momentous to curb two worse aspects, including corruption plus terrorism right now. Recommending, our country should be ruled by those authorities who have sentiments for ameliorating of Jinnah’s state and its inhabitants. This perception would only avails with us to think that its 70th anniversary of our country’s freedom and we people have achieved what the creators of State had thought.

(Pakistan Zindabad – Balochistan Paendabad)

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  1. One-sided essay. Just highlighted negativitties but not accomplishments. Of course every state faces ups and downs, time never go statistically but it changes. Some times its on positive side and some times against. So, how can we forget the decade of 60s, during which Pakistan was symbol for developing countries in development, and achievement of Nuclear arsenal, which is very imperative for defence when a neighbour like India is there, which only try to derail the development system.

  2. we should go through the history thoroughly , the situations which compelled the Muslims to demand for a separate state. It’s true that Pakistan couldn’t achieve a better position due to issues but turning the pages of history, we realize that it wasn’t possible for Muslims to survive in a united India. we find strong and unavoidable reasons for the separation. We should try to bring a positive change and recognize the worth of this freedom which we are blessed with.


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