How to Become a Good Learning Aspirant

Good Learning Aspirant

Motivation Is the Basic Step

It has been said that to get the required performance out of an individual, you must first discover what motivates them. Motivation drives individuals to act. Why do you watch television instead of reading a book? Why drive one block when you can walk? The answers to these questions vary from individual to individual and all are correct. They reveal each person’s motivation for handling the specific situations mentioned.

How does this relate to being a good student? You must look within yourself to discover a reason for becoming a better student. Nobody will provide you the answer. It is an individual decision that must be made. Once you discover your motivation, you will have taken the first step.

Ways To Obtain Motivation

The ways I know to obtain motivation are:

Hope to obtain motivation

Motivating yourself to be motivated will motivate you. That seems a little redundant, but you must start somewhere. A belief that you have what it takes will pep you up and propel you From the first step to the next and so on, always taking a pride in the few steps climbed will motivate and lead you further and further.

Force yourself to concentrate

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Concentration plays a big role in motivation

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Make good deeds a part of your routine

It can be like quitting smoking or volunteering at an Edhi Welfare home. Doing something good for yourself or others will help you be motivated. The most important part of motivation is “FOCUS”. You have to stay focused. Understand why you are at that college, and not on the beach relaxing, surfing or skiing. You want to be that “Doctor”, “Engineer” or whatever. The point here is to get that piece of paper that says “You’re what you really want to be”.


Relaxation seems like the opposite of what you need to do to be motivated, but this is not true. Being relaxed makes it easy to become motivated without being stressed out. Think of your relaxation in terms of a health bar in a video game: if it gets too low, you are in danger of dying (meaning being too stressed out, causing you to lose motivation).


Some people naturally have a thirst for knowledge. They may enjoy reading random articles in their spare time, or reading books, or doing projects. Try to take these practices and apply them to your studies.

Do what you like

You don’t need to motivate yourself to do something you really like. You don’t have to motivate yourself to eat that chocolate bar when you are on a diet. Therefore, try to study things you like as much as possible, or at least try to make it interesting for yourself. You may also try to read some self-help books; these are encouraging tools to motivate yourself.

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