Benefits of Academies for CSS Preparation

Benefits of Academies for CSS Preparation

Academies have a strong positive side as well. This mushrooming culture has promoted CSS exam throughout Pakistan. Lahore has become a center of CSS preparation due to existence of academies like Officers Academy, KIPS, Toppers Academy and others. Latest in this list is the World Times Institute, a project of the Jahangir’s World Times that has fast gained attraction of CSS aspirants across the country. We have observed that each year, majority of candidates passing this exam have prepared for it in Lahore. This trend has now spread to other areas of the country.

For instance, Institute of Business Administration Sukkur has started a programme for CSS/SPSC preparation for aspirants of interior Sindh. This programme involves support of all eminent CSP Officers posted at Sukkur. It has been a great service to the people of Sukkur as they don’t need to send their youth to Lahore or Islamabad for obtaining proper guidance. Another case is COMEX of Mr Irshad Ali Sodhar in Hyderabad. Such academies have been a very successful venture with many qualifiers securing positions each year.

Apart from their success rates, one great service of IBA and COMEX that must be acknowledged is the promotion of CSS in Interior Sindh, Sukkur, Hyderabad and adjoining areas. Those candidates who could not afford travelling and staying in Lahore or Karachi have now direct access to CSS qualifiers and firsthand information. Consequently, we are witnessing an increase in number of qualifiers from this region. Rural andUrban Sindh candidates are now competing for Open Merit seats which is really encouraging. For such commendable services, credit is due to IBA Sukkur and academies like COMEX.

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Benefits of CSS Academies

  • Candidates get proper guidance. There is no ambiguity left in their mind.
  • Direct access to CSS qualifiers provides them with firsthand information.
  • Interaction with qualifiers and position-holders serves as a great confidence-booster for aspirants.
  • Aspirants know exactly what to study and from where.
  • Academies usually help candidates when they need guidance on a particular subject.
  • Mock tests serve as a valuable practice chance for the aspirants.
  • Aspirants interact with other promising candidates. It forms basis for group preparation.

Drawbacks of CSS Academies

  • Their sessions take too much time.
  • In the absence of any moderator, who is not always present, aspirants mostly waste time there.
  • Their range of optional subjects is limited.
  • Tests are not conducted regularly.
  • The cost factor.

Role of CSS Teachers

Another trend is of consulting subject-specific teachers. Such teachers are either professors/lecturers of universities or CSS qualifiers offering consultancy in their preferred subjects. Their sessions are short covering subjects in reasonable number of days. Though it is very helpful as aspirants cover their subjects fairly quickly but it takes too much cost for aspirants to consult so many teachers.

(Article Source: CSS Beginners Guide by Dr Waheed Asghar)

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