Early figures paint picture of population boom

6th Pakistani Census report 2017

Complete Figures of Sixth Population Census Pakistan 2017

By Mubarak Zeb Khan (Dawn)

Torghar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has emerged as the only district in the country where population has seen a decline in 19 years, provisional census results showed.

According to the provisional figures, Torghar district in KP`s north-east had 174,682 residents in 1998, which declined to 171,395 in 2017.

Among the other 23 districts of KP, Peshawar division has emerged to be the most populated region, registering an increase of 113 per cent from a population of 2.02m in 1998 to 4.26m in 2017.

In Balochistan, the population count in 32 districts falls between 200,000 and 900,000, according to the findings.

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The highest population of 2.27m was recorded in Quetta from 773,936 residents in 1998.The lowest population was recorded in Balochistan`s Harnai district with 97,017 residents in 2017 which increased from 76,652 over a period of 19 years.

In Sindh province, the highest population was recorded in Karachi west district with nearly 4m which has almost doubled from 1998`s census count.

The lowest population was recorded in Tando Muhammad Khan with 677,228 residents, but it has increased from 438,624 in 1998.

In Punjab, Lahore district emerged as the most populous region of the 36 districts with a population of 11.12m which increase d from 6.34m.

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Courtesy: Daily Dawn

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