Education needs Amelioration not Corruption

Education needs Amelioration not Corruption

Education is the most fundamental right of an individual for which Islam has declared that, “it is momentous for everyone to get education and then demonstrate on learnt knowledge“. Miserably, now it has become very hard for a layman to provide this mandatory need to his individuals for fulfilling of this obligation. Many individuals claim that this hurdle has been created by inflation which worked to demolish people’s stout to meet with the demands of education. For exploration of cause, some other people believe that this deprivation is due to higher fees and shortage of educational institute but, reality is not ready to accept this perception. Fact is that today our entire system has been deteriorated by self-interested conventions which’s weapon is corruption that has badly affected the image of education.

Corruption is not less than an evil in our societies. It snatched every right of individuals where education is also included. This deterioration is not only commenced by educational incumbents but, also state is liable for ignoring this field. History underlines that education is only weapon for converting deprivation into prosperity. For complying with history’s claim, Countries started to focus on this aspect which gave them success to approach development. Further, Education has changed the destiny of those states which prompted its nation towards of getting education. Unfortunately; in our realm, this sector has been worsely neglected by every government. Instancely, we spend only 2 to 3% of GDP on education which is not less than a surplus. Doubtly, question here arise that as our economic reality, this wealth is enough to complete the educational needs at any extent but, where this GDP had been invested? It indicates towards of many loopholes where corruption is an important lapse to be concentrated.

Griefly; our literary rate is in around of just 55 to 57% which is showing the real image and value of education in our realm. Our next door and opponent country is consisting on very large population but, approaching her literary rate is nightmare for us which is near to 95%. Beside India another instance is Bangladesh where more than 90% of population is literated and why we are not getting what our state (not its rulers) and the article 25 of constitution has gave us?

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In state of Pakistan, every sector has been victimized by corruption which didn’t leave to prestigious educational phenomena. In sector of knowledge, from Minister to flunkies are addicted to do corruption. People gets job by nepotism where funds are being used just for so- called educational development. The patrons of educational institute are being appointed by source or by wealth where students are being enrolled not by their talents but by the interaction of their patron. The institute especially, schools are victimized by ghost teachers where the selection of lectures in universities, is not based on merit but by favoritism. State has declared educational emergencies where every pledge has been forgotten after sometimes. All these detrimental are spurs of corruption and corruption doesn’t mean to do predatoring but every injustices with field, is linked with corruption. So how to confront this deprivation? What would a better strategy which persuade our state towards of development?

Education is not impecunious only of funds but sincerity is an important factor that promotes its value. This value is only can be raised by that person who is fully aware from educational mean. Unfortunately, our educational ministers haven’t any satisfactory qualifications for being patron of this prestigious sector. As instance, we select minister for education not on the base of experience but our ruling faction bifurcates every department by the choice of party’s novice. It is main reason which created loopholes in educational system of Pakistan. Selected minister’s qualifications are just based on bachelor which is big injustice with education. For covering this gap, State should appoint higher qualified person as educational minister whether in federal or provincial level.

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Ghost teachers have also been barriers in front of promoting educational development. School is an initial stage which works to make the base of child. But, unfortunately our schools have remained vacuum from teacher then how it would be possible for a child to contribute in the development of his society or country. In school, incumbents take money from teachers to leave them not to do duty while, we can’t think that this little greed of wealth. is main reason to destroy not only a child but a nation. So what to do? It’s momentous for educational incumbents to take action in against of school’s patron for escaping the early stage of children’s education from destruction.

Concluding with these two aspects plus many other aspects which have also created the educational chaos including; Ignorance favoritism, injustices and corruption. Now, time has been changed which demands from state to curb corruption from each sector especially in education. For it, state should oppose educational emergency to get the rid of corrupt people who are liable for destroying the lives of not only students but generations. Minister should be appoint by higher educational qualifications and the ghost teacher should be induced towards of accountability. It’s solution of deprived education which would avail with us to prove worth the words of Nelson Mandela who once said, “Education is an important weapon which has impetus to change the nations”.

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