Everyday Science MCQs for NTS,PCS, PMS and all Competitive Exams (Set-1)

Everyday Science MCQs for NTS, PCS, PMS (Set-1)

Everyday Science MCQs

for NTS, PCS, PMS, CSS and all kind of Competitive Exams including one paper mcqs (Set-1)

So2 is responsible foracid rain
Hydro Electric Powermajor requirement of Pakistan
50 decibels Noise is considered assound beyond
Osteoarthritis is aDegenerative disease
Sickle cell aneamia is a disease caused byAbnornal Gene
Tuberculosis is disease caused byBacteria
Night blindness is caused due to deficiency ofVitamin A
The Anemia is due to deficiency ofIron
Chlorine gas responsible for depletion ofOzone
Coal most safe and cheap source ofenergy
Coal is the non renewalresource
Hydrated Disease is caused byEchinococcus helminthes
Pin worm infection disease is also calledEnterobiasis
Hemophilia disease is caused due toDeficiency of blood protein factors
Asthmais caused due to Allergies
Osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease are caused due toAging
The disease which is caused due to the degeneration of neurons of brain is calledAlzheimer’s disease
Amoebiasis (Amoebic dysentery) is caused byEntamoaba Histolytica
Plasmodium causesMalaria
Sleeping Sickness us caused byTrypanosoma
Trypanosoma is transmitted into man’s body byTsetse fly
Hook worm disease is caused byAncylostoma
Chicken pox is caused byVariella Zoster virus
Pneumonia Disease is caused byStreptococcus Bacteria
Tuberculosis, Typhoid,  Cholera, Pneumonia are caused byBacteria
Tuberculosis is caused byBacterium Mycobacterium
Typhoid is caused by aBacteria called Salmonella
Cholera is a disease ofGastro-intestinal
Darmatophytes fungi cause disease calledRing Worm
Ring worm disease is calledTinea corporis
Anthlete’s foot disease is caused byMicrosporam
Aids is caused byHIV
Hydrophobia repulsion to water disease is calledRabies
Influenza, rabies, aids, Hepatitis, chicken pox disease are caused byViruses
Radiation pollution, Noise Pollution and thermal pollution are considered asNon material pollution
By the activity of chlorine ozone is converted into oxygen
A major source of Chlorine in the air isGroup of chloro-floro carbon
Ozone shield is broken down byChlorine atoms
The protective Shield around the earth for the life is calledOzone layer
Ozone layer is formed byO3
The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are filtered out byOzone layer
Melting of Polar ice, heavy rains, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes are due toGreen house effect
The rise of temperature of earth is due toGreen house effect
The temperature of earth’s surface is regulated by the role ofCo2
Tendency of bleeding is caused due to the deficiency ofVitamin K
Deficiency of Vitamin D causesRickets
Scurvy disease is caused by the deficiency ofVitamin C
Beri Beri disease is caused by the deficiency ofVitamin B
Deficiency of Vitamin A causesNight blindness
Deficiency of Iodine causes Goitre
The mineral which is required for proper functiong of Thyroid gland isIodine
Tooth decay is caused due to the deficiency offluorine
The deficiency of iron causes Anemia
The important mineral requires for healthy red blood corpuscles isIron
A Young man requires per day2400 calories
Rickets disease is caused due to the deficiency ofVitamin D
The Salt concentration of sea is generally35%
The average temperature of sea water is32°C
The concentration of Oxygen in atmosphere is about21%
The ideal soil for plant growth isLoam
Thunder storms are important source ofNitrogen
The Percentage of Nitrogen in air is about79%
The plants which grow in light are calledHaliophytes
Germinal continuity theory was proposed byDarwin
Mutation Theory was proposed byDerives
Chromosomal abnormal disease isDawn’s syndrome
Diabetes disease is due to thedeficiency of Insulin
Father of GeneticsGregor Mandel
The excretory organs of Annelids areNephridia
The Most abundant Component of Urine isWater
Fever is also Called`Pyrexia
The urine contains 95% ofwater
Parathormone hormone is secreted fromParathyroid Gland
The urine contains03 to 07% ammonia
Aldosterone hormone is secreted fromadrenal cortex gland
The kidney of man is about10 cm long
The kidney receive blood throughRenal artery
On the top of each kidneyAdrenal gland is present
The outer darker part of kidney is calledCortex
The inner lighter part of kidney is calledMedulla
Kidneys are bean shapedorgans
In man Osmoregulation takes place by Kidneys
In fishes excretory product isAmmonia
In mammals the excretory products isUria
DNA acts asGenetic Material
In Penicillin number of chromosome is2
In Mosquito the number of chromosomes is6
In Drosophila the number of chromosomes is8
In Garden pea the number of chromosomes is14
In Frog the number of Chromosomes is26
In Sugar cane the number of Chromosomes is80
In Fern the number of Chromosomes is1000
Kidney develops fromMesomere
Ovulation is initiated byLH hormone
Knew-Jerk is an example ofReflex
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