Feelings Word List (Vocabulary for CSS Exams)

Vocabulary for CSS Exam

Natasha Hanif
Author: Natasha Hanif

Vocabulary is one of the main and supreme important features of the CSS Exams. Because it is a slow process so before you take the CSS Exam you will essential to start learning vocabulary fine. Off course there is a boundary to how several words you can successfully learn/study at one time; it is not possible to learn hundreds of words by cramming at the last hour.

There is no real shortcut, either. Some aspirants try to cram core words in a try to reduce study time, but on the CSS this practice does not work well, for numerous reasons.

Today I am sharing some vocabulary for “feelings” with you…. Hope you will learn and remember these words until your next attempt.

Some Important “Feelings Vocabulary” for CSS Exams


  • Adored, Alive, Appreciated, Cheerful, Ecstatic, Excited, Grateful, Glad, Hopeful, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Loved, Merry, Optimistic, Pleased, Satisfied, Tender, Terrific, Thankful, Uplifted, Warm


  • Aggravated, Accused, Angry, Bitter, Cross, Defensive, Frustrated, Furious, Hostile, Impatient, Infuriated, Insulted, Jaded, Offended, Ornery, Outraged, Pestered, Rebellious, Resistant, Revengeful, Scorned, Spiteful, Testy, Used, Violated


  • Alone, Blue, Burdened, Depressed, Devastated, Disappointed, Discouraged, Grief-stricken, Gloomy, Hopeless, Let, down, Lonely, Heartbroken, Melancholy, Miserable, Neglected, Pessimistic, Remorseful, Resentful, Solemn, Threatened
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  • Afraid, Alarmed, Anxious, Bashful, Cautious, Fearful, Frightened, Horrified, Lost, Haunted, Helpless, Hesitant, Insecure, Nervous, Petrified, Puzzled, Reassured, Reserved, Sheepish, Tearful, Uncomfortable Useless


  • Astonished, Curious, Delighted, Enchanted, Exhilarated, Incredulous, Inquisitive, Impressed, Mystified, Passionate, Playful, Replenished, Splendid, Shocked, Stunned


  • Embarrassed, Exposed, Ugly, Ignored, Inadequate, Incompetent, Inhibited, Inept, Inferior, Insignificant, Sick, Shame, Squashed, Stupid, Ugly, Unaccepted

Bonus Tip:

Start reading an English newspaper editorials, note down every new word you read. Please don’t forget to apply them and keep working. Love to know your feedback. For more lessons on CSS Vocabulary

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