General Knowledge of Pakistan, Knowledge About Pakistan (MCQs for CSS)

Pakistan General Knowledge

Name of Pakistan suggested by?
Chaudhary Rahmat Ali

Who is known as father of Pakistan?
Quaid-e-Azam- known as “The Great Leader” and Baba-e-Qaum (Father of the Nation)

Who wrote the national anthem of Pakistan?
Hafeez Jullundhri

When was Pakistani national anthem first sung and where?
Pakistani national anthem was broadcast publicly for the first time on Radio Pakistan on 13 August 1954, sung by Hafeez Jullundhri himself

Who made Pakistan’s flag first time?
Amiruddin Kidwai

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The first capital of Pakistan?
The first capital of Pakistan was the coastal city of Karachi

Who was the first president of Pakistan?
Iskander Mirza

Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
Liaquat Ali Khan

Who was the first governor general of Pakistan?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Who was the first chief justice of Pakistan?
Anwar Zaheer Jamali

Who was the first female prime minister of Pakistan?
Benazir Bhutto

Who was the first female speaker of the national assembly of Pakistan?
Fehmida Mirza

Who was the first chief of army staff of Pakistan?
Sir Frank Messervy- (15 August 1947 to 10 February 1948

Who was the first Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan?
Allan Perry-Keene (15 August 1947 to 17 February 1949)

Who was the first chief of naval staff of Pakistan?
James Wilfred Jefford, Rear-Admiral (15 August 1947 to 30 January 1953)

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Who was the first foreign minister of Pakistan?
Liaquat Ali Khan (August 15, 1947 to December 27, 1947)

Who was the first law minister of Pakistan?
Jogendra Nath Mandal ( Bengali, 29 January 1904 – 5 October 1968)

Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team?
Abdul Hafeez Kardar was first Test captain of Pakistan

First TV station in Pakistan?
The first official television station commencing transmission broadcasts from Lahore on November 26,1964

First Radio Station in Pakistan?
First Radio Station established was of Karachi

First woman pilot in Pakistan?
Marium Mukhtiar became the first female pilot

Which is the largest mosque in Pakistan?
Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Which is the highest peak in Pakistan?
K2 is the highest peak in Pakistan, globally ranked 2nd, 8611m

What is the total area of Pakistan?
796,095 km²

Which is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area?
Balochistan-347,190 km²

Which is the largest province of Pakistan by population?
Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan-population 101.4 million

How many languages are spoken in Pakistan?
Around 27 languages spoken in Pakistan

Which is the biggest city of Pakistan?
Karachi in Sindh, area 3,527 km² and Population 11,624,219

Hotest area in Pakistan?
Jacobabad- the highest temperature was recorded 53.3°C

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Which is the largest river in Pakistan?
The Indus River is the longest and the largest river in Pakistan

Which is the largest desert in Pakistan?
Thar in Sindh is the Largest Desert Of Pakistan

Island in Pakistan?
Astola Island, Churna Island, Bundal Island, Manora, Karachi, Buddo Island, Shams Pir, Khiprianwala Island, Baba and Bhit Islands and Bukkur

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