How to choose the right subject in CSS (By: Hamza Shafaqaat, PAS)

How to choose a subject in CSS

Many CSS aspirants come to me and ask if they should opt for a certain subject. I think this question is quite stupid. A teacher does not know the strengths and weaknesses of a student and therefore he or she can’t decide about the subject for an aspirant just like that. A teacher can only guide students as to what is the best way to opt for a subject.

Importance of Subject Selection in CSS

Subject selection is not just a one day thing. You have to go through various subjects and ‘analyze; their scoring trends in the past few years. You also have to see if you are getting good guidance in a particular subject.

I have made subject selection quite scientific. The procedure I recommend to my students in as follows. First you go through the syllabus and see if you can understand at least 40% of it . Then proceed and go through past papers and see if you are able to understand at least 30% of the questions. Once you have satisfied yourself that you can study for this subject happily then go to a library (or borrow a book from a friend ) and read at least a complete chapter from a recommended book. After going through this process only then you can move further. If you are not satisfied at this stage then please stop and try to look for another subject. Once you have completed this stage then you may see the past trend of that subject. But make sure that you get a good teacher who makes that subject easy for you and who guides you in finding and preparing for the best material. Opting a subject merely on the assumption that “is mai baray number atay hain” is a very naive decision. I have seen many students regret on their subject choice based on the myth of score trends later

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Another thing which I want to make clear is that asking from teachers about the choice of a subject in just five minutes of interaction is also not an advisable thing to do. Take your time. I suggest that one should even attend a few lectures of the subject before opting for it. Subject selection is as important as taking the exam itself. One blunder can totally change your destiny. Therefore always make this decision yourself after examining the pros and cons of a subject using the above-mentioned procedure.

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