How to Prepare For CSS?

How to Prepare For CSS

Consequential preparation for CSS

One has to distinguish the meaning of real preparation. Real preparation does not mean attending classes, procuring study material packages and finishing the syllabus. Real preparation has an altogether different connotation – it has to be a meaningful preparation. One needs to understand finer aspects of preparation — that is, to develop comprehension of questions, to develop approach to write answers, to practice answer-writing etc.

Meaningful and effective preparation which makes one attain qualifying level subsumes various facets

  1. Planning preparation
  2. Formulation of strategy
  3. Guidance for preparation of compulsory subjects
  4. Adequate & revised study material packages
  5. Analysis of questions
  6. Expected topics / questions for forthcoming examinations
  7. Answer – formats
  8. Information related to strategy & approach
  9. Information related to approach to answer-writing
  10. Series of Questions
  11. Examination and evaluation of answers.

Requirements For Preparation for CSS Exams

Success in Civil Services Examination calls for a holistic development. We want to put forward some suggestions in this connection.

  1. Study all the relevant topics of various subjects, develop broader understanding.
  2. Prepare topics on the basis of the trends & nature of the questions.
  3. Create answer-formats in point form so that they prove handy in revising things.
  4. Learn approach to writing. Think over ways & presentation of answers. Take the help of some guides.
  5. Practice answer-writing and get them evaluated.
  6. Develop a good language & expression so that you might write good answers.
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How to Prepare For CSS

Preparation For Optional Subjects (for CSS Exams)

Preparation of the optional subjects calls for somewhat different orientation. We are putting forward certain points below which are relevant in this context:

  1. First study the entire topics of the syllabus just to develop ideas about them.
  2. Develop conception about the inter-connections and relation among the topics wherever required.
  3. Pick up all relevant topics from examination standpoint on the basis of the number and type of questions put in the examination.
  4. Prepare the relevant topics taking into consideration the kinds of questions put or may be put in the examination.
  5. Take different kind of questions into account is important in the preparation; for only on this basis you will be competent to write a good answer which is key to getting good marks.
  6. Prepare notes in brief or in point-form where topic or question is typical or intricate.
  7. Try to learn approach to write various kind of questions.
  8. Practice answer-writing and get them evaluated. For this purpose you may pick up questions from previous years.
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