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I hope you all would be fine by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. All my prayers are for you people….. I received a lot of messages in which some of the people asked me about CSS and it’s basics…. Today I’ll share the in depth detail of CSS and everything related to it. I hope, pray and expect that this will surely solve much of your problems and queries IN SHA ALLAH….

So let’s disect CSS and it’s important aspects.


Word CENTRAL dominates here because in this field you’ll be allocated in any part/area of Pakistan as an assistant commissioner or ASP of grade 17 and you’ll become a part of bureaucracy.

  • TOTAL MARKS: 1500

Out of 1200, 600 marks are mandatory for qualifying for the interview.

There are 12 papers and each paper comprises of 100 marks

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  1. Essay
  2. English (Précis & Composition)
  3. General Science & Ability
  4. Current Affairs
  5. Pakistan Affairs
    • (For Non Muslims) Comparative Study of Major Religions

In every compulsory subject 40/100 marks for each paper are mandatory for passing the examination.

Here I would like to tell you an interesting fact that Pakistan Affairs + Current Affairs + General Science & Ability = General Knowledge.  That means they are considered as

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Pakistan Affairs (General Knowledge Paper-I)

Current Affairs (General Knowledge Paper-II)

General Science & Ability (General Knowledge Paper-III)

SO these subjects are treated and counted together i.e G.K1+G.K2+G.K3= 300 marks out of which you have to obtain 120 marks in total.

e.g if you obtain 20 marks in General Science & Ability and 70 marks in Current Affairs and 70 marks in Pakistan Affairs.  Your total will be 20+70+70 = 160.  This means you have passes these subjects. Needless to mention here that passing score of Compulsory Subjects is 40/100 but you have advantage in these 3 subjects that you have to collectively obtain 120 marks in total out of 300 in these 3 combined compulsory subjects.

In Islamic Studies you have an option, either you opt it in English Language or in Urdu Language. The language in which you feel ease in expressing your arguments, ideas and thought can be opted.

Now we move towards optional subjects.

There are 7 groups in which out of each you can select one subject of your own choice (the area and field in which you feel comfort and interest but never forget to follow the scoring pattern as you should always keep this thing in your mind as well).

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From CSS Optional Subjects groups you have to select subjects of 600 marks.

For passing Optional Subjects 33/100 marks are mandatory to be obtained.

In the end, I would only say that this piece is written for the ease of you people. I gathered this knowledge with a lot of effort and struggle on my own. No one guided me, no one helped me, and no one has shown me the right path. It was me and my struggle along with determination that kept me moving through every thick and thin. This is not a copy paste wording. I have stated all these words and information according to the best of my knowledge.

I faced a lot of negative people but I never let them spoil me. I always took the stones that people have thrown on me and I build myself better and better ALHUMD’U’LILAH with the blessings of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Today I’m here in my best version because I always faced every hardship with full positivity and strength.

So always remember my dears…. if someone says that you can’t do it. Just stay quiet and smile and gather yourself….. Struggle as hard as you can and show those negative faithless people that YES YOU CAN DO IT….. Then they’ll regret the words they said to you once that YOU CANNOT DO IT…. Your success will give them the answer for the time when you remained quiet in front of them…..Because you’re the one who is going to change your situation…. You’re one who is going to change your hardships into your luxuries… You’re the one who is going to change your weaknesses into strengths. You’re the one who can do everything and anything you want. It just needs your determination and true effort…. Just do the preparations with your proper and crystal clear intentions and leave the rest on ALLAH ALMIGHTY. He loves you more than anyone. He will help you and reward you with better and best IN SHA ALLAH…..


Whenever you feel shattered and lost just close your eyes and remember my words.

You’ll either succeed or you’ll learn new things but you’ll never lose…. Because ALLAH bless us with what is best for us… Instead of giving just one flower…. He bless us with a garden of flowers because we’re his humans and he loves us much more than anything and anyone.

Much love and prayers from my side…. if even a single word provided you benefit… remember me in your prayers.



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