How to Make Effective Notes for CSS Exam

How to Make Effective Notes for CSS Exam

All civil services examination aspirants are well attuned to the significance of making notes. But a handful of them really know the art of preparing effective, readable in a short time and concise notes. You need to go through these small notes a few days or even a few hours before the exam. So it would not be an exaggeration to say that the notes you prepare can decide your future in the exam.

The first step is to maintain book, a dedicated register or even take down notes on flip cards or pages if you are comfortable with this method. Next, divide the pages by topics or months. In a specific month, you could write events topic wise on each page or you could divide the register topic wise, like some pages devoted exclusively for sports, some for Economy etc. Experts prefer the first approach and can be explicated with the help of an illustration below.

You can club different events month-wise and write the topic name before each entry for easy scan ability. Also, note that each entry should just be a few sentences long and contain the most relevant information from the exams viewpoint. Another important aspect of this notes making strategy is that you can include some background information about that immediate event as well.

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How to Make Effective Notes for CSS ExamThat’s why in the Sports entry you can mention that Sri Lanka and Pakistan were both beaten by Australia in their previous finals. This is pertinent as FPSC asks questions concerning not just the immediate issue, but some past events as well related to the current event. This is also a good way to prepare for General Knowledge and current events at the same time.

As explicated above, whichever method you follow, the notes should never be more than a few sentences long. You can keep the long notes separate. The micro notes facilitate quick revision before exams or during the break between the two papers.

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It is easy to pore over concise and effective notes before examination; also you stave off duplication of efforts by making notes. It saves your significant amount of time and pares down any kind of ambiguity throughout the preparation process. If you get the hang of making notes, you can devote time to other things that need your attention – time is the biggest constraint while preparing for Civil Services Examination.

All successful candidates lay emphasis on the significance of making relevant notes. It is owing to their ability to extract precise information from loads of information and pen them down in the form of notes, made them successful. If you know right approach to make notes, it says a lot about your mental acumen. Smart preparation includes knowing right ways to apportion adequate time to different subjects, prepare notes and master the concepts. Without investing substantial amount of time and proper analysis of the facts, notes cannot be prepared. Mentors believe that note-making is one of the must-have skills to get through Civil Services Examination.

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