Master the art of Essay Writing in FPSC CSS Exam

Art of Essay Writing in CSS Exam

What is an Essay?

Aldous Huxley, the famous English writer, said that essay is, “A literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything.”

A short piece of writing on a particular subject

What are the types of Essays?

Narrative Essays: Telling a Story
Descriptive Essays: Describing a Thing
Informative Essays: Starting the Facts
Persuasive Essays: Convincing the Reader

What does FPSC expect from candidates in Essay Paper?

  • Aspirants may be necessary to write essays on Multiple Topics.
  • They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely.
  • Credit will be given to effective and exact expression.

What are different styles of Writing Essay?

Structured Essay

  • Structured essay involves brainstorming on the topic for first few minutes, noting down of those ideas and then inter-connecting them to maintain flow and consistency. Basically, a skeleton / blueprint is drawn beforehand.

Spontaneous Essay

  • Spontaneous essay does not involve brainstorming in the beginning. At the most, one decides the start and end of the essay. The ideas are presented free flowingly as one stars writing it. No blueprints made.

How to write an essay in CSS?

  • Depends on the topic of the essay
  • Combination of all 4 types i.e. narrative, descriptive, informative & persuasive
  • There is no one particular way of writing a good essay
  • Essay should continuously engage the reader
  • Stick to the topic of the essay throughout
  • Each paragraph should be related to the topic
  • Avoid writing essay in first person
  • Keep it simple but effective
  • Multi-dimensional in nature and approach
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What are the contents of good essay?

  • Phenomenal start and end
  • Conceptual clarity – Explaining Keywords
  • Relevant analogies
  • Up-to-date current events
  • Day-to-day examples
  • Statistics with sources
  • Neat handwriting and correct grammar
  • Excerpts from poems, movies, songs, stories, events, quotes, imaginary situations, diagrams, headings, sub-headings, etc
  • Whenever topic is about Pakistan – always explain at federal level

What does essay test?

  • Grasp over the topic – overall understanding of the issue
  • Literary and articulation skills
  • Command on language
  • General knowledge and personal outlook
  • Ability to share personal experiences and observations
  • Analytical skills and flow of ideas
  • Creativity, content and presentation

Why to focus on essay paper?

  • Highly scoring if practiced enough
  • Maximum output with minimum input
  • Less time investment required
  • Choice to select 1 out of 10 essays
  • Offers creative freedom
  • Time is not a constraint

How to choose that one essay?

  • Have I understood the meaning of this topic completely?
  • And I well versed with this topic?
  • Can I approach it multi-dimensionally?
  • Can I write it in simple & effective manner?
  • Am I aware of the context?
  • Can I make it stand-out from the rest?
  • If answer to all is YES, go for it.
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