Smart Strategies to Crash CSS Exam

Smart Strategies to Crash CSS Exam

Strategy to demolish CSS in one year

  • I will discuss you the shortest pathway to demolish CSS
  • This might help many who are not able to devote more time due to their tight job profiles but an aspirant of CSS
  • This shortest pathway will bring you closer to success

Mental Strength

  • The very first strategy that matters a lot is the Mental Strength
  • The way you perceive yourself is the key to success
  • The moment you start thinking of CSS, you should believe in yourself, which will surely earn you a place in the history and future
  • So believe in yourself is the first strategy to be master

Should We Take Coaching?

  • The second thing which to discuss here is about the role of coaching which people often asks
  • The long debated question is that “Should we take coaching?”
  • I personally did not take any kind of coaching, I prepared for myself
  • But if you feel that, coaching will earn you something you should definitely go for this

Time of Your Lifetime

  • If you ask me, what I will say from my experience is the time required to demolish this toughest exam is just one whole year of devotion
  • Believe me, you will not be left behind
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Method of CSS Preparation

  • You should master your optional subjects at first
  • Whatever be the optional you decide for yourself, chose it wisely and don’t pay head to anyone’s word in this case
  • Don’t go by a myth that says this optional gives you more mark and all that
  • Don’t chose an optional that you are not comfortable with because it is optional with which you have to spend days and nights
  • for MCQs you should at least solve 10000 question in 2-3 times that is 10000 question you should solve and revise it twice, so it will serve you 30000 questions
  • Believe me, it will surely give you advantage of 10 question in exam
  • Start preparation at right time
  • Other thing is consult current affairs of last one year and you have a count of it according to your start
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