Tips and Tricks : CSS ESSAY WRITING (By: CSS Guru)

CSS Essay Writing Tips for Exams

Let us start with the initial phase before hitting directly on tips and tricks for writing an essay as it will help you to identify what really an essay is and what are the requirements to be a perfectionist in this particular area. Most of the candidates don’t even know about the basics, so let us discuss in general about the civil service examination and in particular about ESSAY paper.

In Pakistan,  every year, a lot of competitive exams are held for various government posts out of which CSS exams are considered as one of the most perplexed one. Let’s dissect it into some chunks so that one can easily understand what this exam is all about and how one can easily focus on ESSAY paper.

CSS is comprised of 1500 marks out of which 1200 are defined for written and 300 for interview. 1200 marks are further bifurcated i.e 600 marks for compulsory subjects and 600 marks for optional subjects.

ESSAY is a part of compulsory subjects and one must pass this paper along with other papers in order to secure a place in civil services. Most of us think that passing CSS exams is like passing other exams but the case here is quite different. One should have an accurate, logical and analytical approach while appearing for this examination.

ESSAY paper of CSS examination carries 100 marks out of which 40 marks are considered as passing whereas time allotted to it is 3 hours in which a candidate has to write 2500 – 3000 words.

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According to the best of my knowledge, given below, there are some key points which i consider as the golden key points to pass CSS ESSAY paper.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 1:

Make yourself relax when you get the question paper and organise yourself into the best version of yourself . Don’t get over confident but make sure that you are not in anxiety as that can ruin your positive energies.

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CSS Essay Writing Tip 2:

As the paper is handed over to you, take a deep breath and start reading it. Go through the paper. Sometimes meaning is hidden in the statements given for writing an ESSAY,  so never hasten in attempting the paper. Make sure that you read the paper thoroughly and grasp the meaning of the topics given by the examiner.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 3:

In other case around, sometimes candidates get confused by the given topics and start panicking which adds flame to their anxiety. NEVER DO THAT! I REPEAT.. NEVER.

the thing which is difficult for you would be difficult for others as well. So always remember that a scattered mind can’t understand what a relaxed mind can.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 4:

Start brain storming on every topic you consider as the best understood topics and select the last page of your answer sheet as a rough page for carrying out your brain storming on paper to prepare and transform that into an outline for the selected topic in the best possible way.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 5:

Once your brainstorming for the selected topic is over. Build an ESSAY structure in your mind according to that rough outline and think how your ESSAY is going to look like. Now reach the first page of the answer sheet and leave approximately 2 pages for outline and then start writing an ESSAY.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 6:

Always start with a strong and logical point which should be fascinating and eye catcher for the examiner as your paper is going to represent you in front of the examiner so try to be very careful while writing an essay and selecting the introduction paragraph as that will develop the interest of examiner in reading further. Always remember. This is a human psyche that a man is only curious for the things which seems interesting to him.

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CSS Essay Writing Tip 7:

Mostly it happens while writing an ESSAY that some more factors and logics hit our brain regarding that topic we are writing.  Its example can be taken like as we shift in a new house and feel absence of things which we need and later on with the passage of time we fulfill those needs. Same is the case with ESSAY. We start writing and later on while working over it we feel that some more logics some more points should be added and in this way we make our ESSAY better and better.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 8:

After aligning all the blocks of ESSAY in place review it and make sure you have not left any single mandatory point while writing an ESSAY. Now carefully prepare the outline and use the first two pages for outline which were left in the beginning. Avoid repetition of words and ideas, maps, diagrams, headings, grammatical errors, flow charts etc.

CSS Essay Writing Tip 9:

Bonding is very much necessary while writing an ESSAY as haphazard and scattered ideas won’t let the examiner read your paper and if so happens, he will soon be tired of your ESSAY so make sure you write it in an expressive way, organise it into an interesting style and make paragraphs whenever new fact has to get started. Don’t forget to link new paragraph with the previous one as that will create coherence in your ideas and writing.

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CSS Essay Writing Tip 10:

Write logical, give analysis and always select a topic in which you feel you would have a plenty of room to play. Never follow others. Always rely on yourself. Give a strong introduction and strong conclusion

As a wise once said: FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. so make sure your impression lasts longer than anyone’s else and you succeed in gaining good marks while passing the paper at the same time.

In the end, i would like to give a diamond tip and that is practice, practice and practice  as much as you can before going for any examination because a person who practices a trick 1000 times is going to get more successful than a person who practiced 1000 tricks for one time. Moreover, always play safe. This is your life; you will decide what you want to do. Let it be the best one so that it may enlighten the lives of others along with yours. Only you’re precious and understand your worth at every cost. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed you with a brain which can store 10 times to that of Wikipedia. Trust in yourself. Gather prayers from your parents and always have faith that you’re going to get this milestone and will land into this prestigious service where you can rule the country. You can serve your beloved homeland for its maximum betterment. Keep praying from ALLAH and if you found any bit of this writing beneficial.

Remember me in your prayers.

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