Top 10 Preparation Tips for CSS Aspirants

Top 10 Preparation Tips for CSS Exams

So you have made your thoughts to go on board on the track of your dream career? Going to mark in the coming Civil Services 2018 Examination? I need to say, you have occupied the wisest choice. And when you have booked this wisest choice, here is the direction strategy for you.

First of all, very importantly, Stay updated with the Current Affairs, make a habit of reading Newspaper every day, The second important factor is revision; dedicate a day to revision once you reach a stage where you feel you have studied enough to make a stronger base; and third, most importantly, develop the right administrative traits in your personality; change your thoughts, actions, perspectives from a common person to a leader. Discuss the important issues with your friends, other CSS Aspirants who are preparing for the exam, family members, or may be colleagues (if you are a working professional); and develop a sense of thinking not from a common person’s perspectives, but from a leader’s perspectives. Instead of talking about the problems, start talking and thinking about the solutions.

Moving ahead, let’s dig into few tips you must follow during your preparation for Civil Services Examination.

CSS Tip # 1: Instead of becoming a bookworm, adopt a holistic approach

True that cracking Civil Services Examination is not a child’s play and it drains the entire energy of CSS aspirants during the preparation process, but let me clear this myth which most of the CSS aspirants have that they need to toil day and night to crack the examination. That’s not true. Don’t be a bookworm; FPSC is not looking for bookworms, but smart leaders. So make a right strategy firstly; get a good fix on the syllabus, examination pattern and find a person or an academy that can guide you well on what to study and what not. Move out and get practical experiences, read about the News and discuss it with others, like I mentioned earlier, develop right administrative traits in your personality.

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CSS Tip # 2: Choose your optional subject wisely

Instead of just following the trend, choose your optional subject based on your level of interest, knowledge and academic background. Most of the students choose their optional subject on the basis of the previous result; if students fetched good marks in a particular optional subject, that doesn’t mean that the subject is scoring; it completely based on personal interest and knowledge. So, beware of such myths which may mislead you.

CSS Tip # 3: Choose right study material

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Do not try to follow the suggestions of everyone and study everything under the sun, instead rely on one standard book for each subject to clear basic concepts. Standard books not only help you save your time but also enrich your learning experience and provide you with the right knowledge. Therefore, a right guidance is very important, so follow a right approach and rely on one quality book instead of making a library. The online study should go simultaneously; read various articles online, follow an efficient CSS preparation website like or app wherein you’ll get lot of preparation material like question of the day, daily writing tips, article analysis and other relevant material.

CSS Tip # 4: Stay abreast with Current Affairs

As I mentioned earlier, keep yourself updated with current affairs. The Dawn is the suggested Newspaper to read every day. Other source of relevant News for your current affairs preparation is CSS, BBS, Current Affairs Program on Television & Jahangirs World Times Magazine. Read the editorials in The Dawn. Apart from this, current affairs booklet which most of the academies provide would solve rest of the crunch.

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CSS Tip # 5: Make Notes

Do not forget to make notes of everything you study. Either makes notes in the books itself or make a separate copy of notes of current affairs and other subjects. Suggested ways to make notes is in books itself above the topic for last minute revision. Make handy notes of current affairs and the important editorials you read in the Newspaper for revision.

Top 10 Preparation Tips for CSS Exams

CSS Tip # 6: Revision

Don’t forget to dedicate a day to revision once you feel you have reached a stage where you have studied enough to make a stronger base. Revision is very important, so before moving to the next topic, always devote sufficient time to revision whether once in a week or fortnightly, depending upon your preparation strategy.

CSS Tip # 7: Solve previous year question papers

Aspirants should try to solve as many previous year question papers as they can to understand the examination pattern, syllabus and the examination requirement in depth. It also helps one to evaluate and analyze the level of preparation.

CSS Tip # 8: Enroll in Test Series & Mock interviews

Enrolling in Test Series is another important factor to analyze your areas of strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Therefore, Once you feel you are prepared enough, time to check whether you really are or not. Take few Test Series which almost every CSS Academy provides and practice writing or solving as much as you can. Moreover, for the final hurdle of Civil Services Examination, i.e., Personality Test, Mock interviews are very important.

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CSS Tip # 9: Develop Confidence skills and leadership traits

Since the administrative job requires the problem solvers and confident people with honesty, right judgment skill, right decision-making skills and ability to gently handle critical situations; aspirants should not forget to work on their personalities to develop these traits as an important part of the preparation process. FPSC does not look for the candidates with the great academic background, high marks, but is in the hunt for the confident candidates who can lead the people and society with their administrative skills and bring a positive change.

CSS Tip # 10: Stay Motivated

Stealers of your dreams are always around you, and it’s very difficult to stay positive throughout the preparation for the exam like Civil Services. And remember, very few people will be there who will motivate you; so your task is to keep yourself motivated and always remind yourself the reason why you started preparation. Keep your passion for Civil Services alive throughout the preparation and always surround yourself with the positive people who motivate you for your dreams.

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